Never Stop Laughing

Hey hey hey, I don’t know where the last week went but I haven’t kicked it with you at all.  So, I decided to keep it light and share one of my greatest parts of my being, the child inside me.  We all remember the joy we felt watching cartoons of our childhood.  The suspense, adventure and unyielding laughter that escaped from our mouths.  (Sometimes soliciting the ADULTS command for us to calm down)  Recently, I found this joy again through the old gang of Looney Tunes- Bugs, Daffy and Porky.  My son and I have made a date of watching them every Tuesday night at 8pm with our dinner.  Talk about gut busting laughter!


These are all new shows.  If this isn’t your thing catch me on Wednesday when I watch Law & Order: SVU.  In the meantime, SMILE!! 😉

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