Beautifully Misunderstood: Marv Neal

Marv Neal Fashion Director/Syle Curator

Goerges Buffon said it best, “The style is the man himself.”  That’s the truth when speaking of Marv Neal, 31 year-old Detroit native.  Defining style and individuality for men & women of the local masses for years.  More recently, he’s been focusing his effort toward a power move to let the world acknowledge his prowess as a fashion stylist.  Landing an affiliate position within the E.Rollins Group, we should expect nothing less than greatness while he chases his HAPPINESS.  Beautifully Misunderstood stopped him for the “Happiness Quest” inquiry.                                                                                                              

Who inspired/encouraged your movements/change?  I get inspiration from everywhere music, magazines the people and things of the world that are positive.  The women in my life are strong so that’s a big inspiration, trailblazers (and) people on the move.     

What risk (if any) did you take to follow your happiness?  Just going for my dream of being a stylist.  I don’t know if I really took a risk yet but it’s risky business daily.  (Because) In this business you have to prove that your (fashion) opinion matters.

When did you discover what would make you happy?  In high school, I just didn’t know how to get started or where to begin. (I should’ve been able to answer that! 🙂 KLONK!!!) 

How long did it take you to embrace the move toward happiness?  I think I was fighting my talent and so busy with life that I didn’t go for it but after my ankle break and being laid (up) in the house for months after.  When you have nothing but you, God and time you come out changed after that it was no stopping after that.   

@ work -Styles in the City

Where would you be had you NOT followed your happiness?  Still talking about getting to my happiness and trying to find my way to it. 

Sum up your journey in one sentence….  My journey has just begun stay tuned.

Beautifully Misunderstood shined the spotlight on Marv for his bold decision-making and movements toward the LIFE he desires.  Detroit’s new creative vibe is gaining momentum and with innovative minds such as Marv’s, the future of the city is that much brighter.  Let me confess, when I become exhausted with the mall in my search for different items for a certain look, I shoot him a quick message to cheat.  On more than one ocassion, he’s helped me out. 😉  I’ve learned from him that even when your dreams seem so far away, if you keep believing in and working for them.  They tend to find a way to you, becoming your reality.  As Marv instructed “stay tuned” to his journey to becoming an international stylist via his blog, .   You can also like his Facebook page Style Curator Marv Neal and find out all the fashionable things going on in and around Detroit and the world.

As always keep dreaming, moving in the path of your HAPPINESS and SMILE.


  1. Love the fact the light is shining on him…. He is so UNDERRATED but the world will see (Dr. Evil grin with a Kanye shrug)

  2. He is definitely an asset to the fashion industry. I admire how you see his passion come through in the styling he does for himself as well as the clients that he helps. When someone genuinely has “it” and it’s not forced or fake, you can tell. He has “it” and it shines through naturally.

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