Operation Change Resumes

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your DREAMS – Oprah

Oprah might have been better suited to be my high school counselor or undergrad advisor.  (Both of which would not have afforded her the life she lives… But let’s think of the effect she’s had on so many lives, I’m just being selfish.)  Her words hold weight with me greater than those of people I see daily.  🙂

I’m sure some of you have taken quizzes online that test all different kinds of things: Are you meant to be together, What’s your lucky number, What sign are you most compatible with and so on and so on.  Well, I took a quiz on Oprah.com, What’s Holding You Back?  Here there were a list of questions to gauge your capacity for change through a career move or new venture.  After taking the 10 question assessment, my results were in.  You wanna know what it said, huh?

READY FOR CHANGE, in big bold lettering.  Followed by these kind words.  Congratulations!  You understand an important truth: Everyone feels fear.  And you know that the secret to success is not letting fear stop you.  With practice, you’ve developed the courage you need to move forward despite your anxieties.  Your confidence will allow you to explore other paths and stay the course when you encounter bumps on the road.

With all that being said, the task of moving toward my optimum career goal is in full swing.  The resumes and in-person applications have taken precedent on my agenda over the next few weeks.  Thursday, I was surprised by an on the spot interview when I was just coming to fill out the application.  Thank God I never apply for jobs in my errand clothes, lol.  I feel pretty positive about this opportunity.  Hopefully, I’ll be updating this post with good news & if not, Life goes on.  Being the descendant of slaves, the expectation is high to live the dreams they were never allowed and killed for having – A better life.  For heavens sake, I’m the grand-daughter of a sharecropper’s daughter, Lena O. Harris.  The stories of picking cotton she told were special to me because of my vivid imagination allowed me to feel as if I was right there.  From the red clay roads of Alabama, she moved with her 3 children to Detroit and created a better life for herself.  She is one of the strongest women I know of my “herstory.”  As we enter BHM (Black History Month) I think of all the strong women before me and the legacy I’ll leave for those women after me.  I know there’s a greater purpose for me out here and I’m working to find out what it is.

The image in my mind during story time...


During BHM I’ll be inserting pictures of women, events & quotes that embody strength and hope that our dreams can become our reality.  I’m preparing to do my 1st Beautifully Misunderstood spotlight and present it to you.  In the meantime, enjoy the weather, do something to celebrate Black History Month and as always SMILE..    

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