I Had A Blast…

The Burfday Girl

So, I waited and it arrived as always on January 27th – My Birthday. The text, phone calls, tweets & Facebook notifications were in full swing all day. And I ran around my beautiful Detroit announcing my Super Sweet 16 x 2, very proudly. (I don’t understand people denying their age.) A friend of mine baked me some Lemon Belvedere cupcakes. Quite delicious. After a much-needed nap, the prep for the night began. Friday, I hit Marilyn’s on Monroe & Prive Deux to set the weekend off right… My sister, her husband and a few friends came out to celebrate life. As you can see I ditched the leg wear and went straight Hollywood. The evening went off without a problem. Well, unless you wanna forget the 5’4″ gentleman that began to harass me toward the end of the evening. I had a great time.

In the middle of the night I had an epiphany and acted on it. It’s ladled with negativity and unthinkable reactions…I will say this – The choice I made in leaving you alone is for the BEST, I’ve wasted so much time in dealing with you that it embarrasses me to even think about it. And at 32, I’m moving toward my HAPPINESS and I’d be a fool to think it included you. *bloop*

Saturday started off great. Shawn had a laundry list of errands for me to run while she was at work but I didn’t mind. Got back to my place took a nap to get ready for a re-run of the night before. Now the plan was to hit a few places. What had happened, is something totally different. I got to PV lounge with Shawn & my cousin LaTisha and the party started and ended right there. I drank, danced and laughed. Now, at some point in the festivities I politely passed my cousin the keys to Cole (my Magnum). Removed my gorgeous fur collar, threw my hood up and rocked the rest of the evening out. I met some guy that thought he was gonna worry the &#!@ outta me. Wait wait what?!?! I guess he didn’t get the memo, It’s my night and you not even what I’m looking for buddy. I don’t remember walking out the club, getting in the car or passing out on my cousins sofa. Fried like chicken in a bucket… What I can tell you is that girls sofa was comfortable. I got up in an attempt to make it back to my place so I could go to church as planned with my friend.The Next Night

Well, I didn’t make it to church. Due to a killer headache and the comfort level of my mattress that seemed to keep pulling me in.. Haha I betcha I make it next week. I’m sure gonna make it to bible study. After catching a movie, watching the Bulls vs. Heat game, some nice company and the rescheduling of the Real Readers Book Club meeting. I was invited to attend the Family & Friends event at Burn Rubber in Royal Oak. Where I laughed and met a few interestingly nice people. Ya’ll know I sat there for a minute just watching what was going on before I could put myself at ease. It wasn’t the Sunday I had planned on but I had a nice time. Now, that I’m on this high and I’ve celebrated my “Burfday” I can focus on the mission of it all My Happiness

I thank you all that celebrated, thought of and raised a glass in honor of me. The week’s only begun let’s shake some things up, make some new plans if the other one’s not working and keep SMILING in the name of happiness. 🙂


  1. I mean right in the middle of a gft, G2.. But I got that clown outta my circus!!! Lol

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