Go Marti!!! It’s Ya Burfday!!!!

What up people,

I usually start off every year with a plan to just keep it very mellow for my birthday. But every year, as the days get closer I get more excited to the point of radiating with joy. After a few “What you doing for your birthday?” text and calls… I think to myself ‘They’re counting on me to celebrate my life so they can celebrate it with me.’ Let’s make it happen then! 😉

Go Marti, It’s ya BurfdayWe goin party like it’s ya burfday, even though it’s really MINE… Since the release of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” in 2003, I’ve associated this song with my birthday. The Season of Aquarius is among us and we like to kick it into overdrive. It’s still the beginning of the New Year, we’re still feeling good & the partying hasn’t stopped. With that being said, let me inform you that I’ll be at Marilyn’s on Monroe & Prive Deux on Friday January 27th. Saturday plans are tentative on order but I’ll be at PV (Paradise Valley) & Ignite in the MGM casino.. Something tells me the way I just typed it is the way it’s gonna happen. Church with a friend on the 29th , Lord knows I wanna make it to that! Not to mention, a Real Readers Book Club meeting Sunday evening. Wrapping this whole weekend up with one of my 1st loves reading at Bean & Leaf Cafe in Royal Oak. As the week progresses celebratory drinks are to be had to toast the entry into a new year of Life. Most importantly, I’m celebrating the changes, choices and Happiness I’m feeling right now. Helping along the way are a few of my favorite partners…Bartenura Moscato, Ciroc and my classic Belvedere.

Bartenura Moscato, Ciroc & Belvedere

Now that I’m all warmed up, it’s time to get to the important tasks at hand…Shopping for this weekends’ attire. The weather happening around here is opening the door to all types of possiblities 41 & 38 degrees, gotta love it. The Friday look is coming straight from my closet. It’s a blue (like that Bartenura bottle) Bebe bodycon mini dress. What I’m most excited about is the Saturday look which features one of my favorite articles from my Metro-Detroit thrifting. Stay tuned for the look-book from this upcoming celebratory weekend.

Enjoy your day & make someone smile through your SMILE.. 🙂

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