Haven’t Lost Sight

Hello Curious,

I know you’re probably wondering what’s happening with that new career move I was looking to make.  The resumes and cover letters are still being submitted.  However, the call backs are not coming in as of now.  My positivity level has been tested but I’m remaining hopeful and active in the Pursuit of Happiness. Today, I made contact with an executive in need of a secretary/ personal assistant.  The interview will be held on Wednesday.. I can’t wait to update this post. 

On the other hand, I see how women dedicate their lives to raising their children.  I’m finding joy in getting “DaRez” off to school and picked up daily.  Without the extra stresses that comes along with trying to figure out “Who’s available to fill in for me?”   This was a luxury I wasn’t afforded before.  He’s getting extremely comfortable with this arrangement, also.  My ability and desire to prepare dinner daily has surprised me.  I’m more focused on things that will help me move forward, with all this time on my hands.  I can’t stand all this idle time. (Until I have lunch & take a nap, lol)  Truthfully speaking, this week might be a tad bit under productive as the previous weeks but that’s only because I’m anxious about my Burfday!!!  But I’m still focused on the motivation of this extreme change in my life and the ULTIMATE GOAL of this journey My Happiness… Enjoy the inclimate weather, stayed tuned & keep on SMILING…:) 


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