Celebrating Change

Hey hey hey,

So, January 13th, weekend started on the slow old lady side.  In the bed by 9:30 pm on Friday, wtf!!! I had invites to events but I took that shower & it was a done deal. Zzzzzz  I refused to lose Saturday the same way.  So first, the maintenance call hands & feet done by Steve from Paris Nail Spa on West Eight Mile Rd. in Detroit ( @ the corner of Schafer in the Jerry’s Food complex)  And Lord knows with that snow coming down, I really could’ve declined the pedicure but a girl does have a “lifestyle” to maintain.  No telling when the spotlight will be turned on me. 😉 😉 Afterward, I dressed for the birthday celebration for my friend Lashorn at Big Fish restaurant in Dearborn.  Which was absolutely marvelous… Good company, food, laughs and conversation.  (Until the collective bill came that needed to be divided – Pineapples lol)  The evening continued into the next morning at one of my favorite places Centaur Lounge in Detroit.  More drinks, conversation and laughs were on the menu for the ladies.  In the process I met three intriguing women Brittany, Josie and Crystal all friends of Lashorn. Very nice, classy and genuine people.  What you’ll find out about me as we go along it takes me a minute to gauge people before I feel comfortable.  I’m “The Great Observer”!!! I always need to figure the shit out first then determine how I need the react.. But I was pleasantly surprised Saturday night.  In the future, I can see inviting them to events.  The night ended with the lights being turned up at Centaur and all us ladies going our separate ways… ( blank space for your imagination to run WILD lol ;)) 

Well, I missed church… So it’s cleaning & prep for tonight’s birthday celebration for my homegirl Shantel “Ladybug ” Horton at Niki’s downtown..  This didn’t happen.  I couldn’t tell you what happened.

Moreover, that Monday I had an absolute score in Royal Oak’s Lost & Found Vintage.  A beautiful full length linen skirt for $10.oo.  Pictures to follow soon.  I’m still swooning over a black fur collar that was there also.  Secondhand/ Resale/ Thrift stores bring me more joy than any mall/ department store. 

Lost and Found Vintage
Classic Finds Inside

 In the coming days I’ll be getting ready for my 32nd birthday celebration.  This will be taking place at Detroit’s own Prive Deux on Friday January 27th, 2012.  I also have more partying to do with my friends as the Season of Aquarius gets to rolling.  Stay warm, drive safe & continue to SMILE… 🙂

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