Stepping out for Change


Well, today I went on my 1st interview for a Receptionist position within a talent company.  I’ve wanted to enter a new field in a professional capacity.  They’ve asked me to be in charge of the front desk, assisting with open-calls and a host of other things.  Their work hours were resonable and the commute was fair (a straight shot up Woodward).  The position even comes with benefits after 90 days.  We all need benefits, Right? 🙂 

I felt that it could be a good look for me.  The Directing Officer explained that there is room for growth within the company.  Opportunity to relocate to one of their national offices is also a prospect. (Pssst.. they have offices in some of the most popular areas in the U.S. ATL, The CHI, LA, MIA, NY, DC, San Diego & Pheonix)  She even asked me “Would you be willing to move to Denver?”  She said that she would be making a decision by the end of business today. (fingers crossed)  She would like for the right candidate to begin on MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2012.  The observance day of the great Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday? (raised eyebrow)  Isn’t everything suppose to be closed, lol? 

I talked with my sister, Shawn, and expressed my hesitation about the pay.  She explained “It might be best for you to take the position to move yourself away from what you’ve become so familiar with.  At the same time, you’ll still be making money, but don’t stop looking for another job if you don’t think it’s the right thing for you.”  I totally understand what she’s saying. 

Look for me in a little while to let you know if I’ll be the new 1st impression director/ receptionist of this company.  Hey, if all else fails maybe I can become a member of their talent bank.  Who knows a little modelling, acting, extra work. 😉  I mean really you’ve seen my face. LOL!!!  Till then drive safely Midwest America, get ready for the weekend & SMILE.


  1. ****UPDATE**** I wasn’t selected for this position but it wasn’t for me evidently. We’ll network over the weekend and hit the floor running MONDAY!!! Have a safe & great weekend… (blows a kiss)

  2. That bites! However, all that means is that something far more better is out there for you. Don’t be discourage love 🙂

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